Pre-habilitation - Adjuvant - Post Treatment Restorative Functional Movement Exercises for Breast Cancer Patients

A multi-component evidenced based on-demand exercise program for healthcare providers, breast cancer patients and caregivers, designed to: increase strength, endurance flexibility and build core strength for patients who have been newly diagnosed with breast cancer, receiving treatment, adjuvant or post-treatment after surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, lumpectomy, lymph node dissection, mastectomy, double mastectomy (bilateral), hormone therapy.

The Focus of the BCRFM Program

Strengthen the body prior to treatment and decreasing the side effects of breast cancer treatment, including lymphedema, limited movement in the upper extremities, fatigue, and muscle strength loss in the comfort of the patients home. All evidence programs are formulated to begin the restorative functional movement exercises at any stage of the recovery journey in the privacy and comfort of your home.

Five (5) Reasons to Use the Breast Cancer Evidenced Based Restorative Functional Movement On-Demand Program

 1. Accessible to more patients: who live in rural areas, have transportation issues or cannot afford to commute to the nearest regional cancer services offers a welcome level of convenience. 
2.  Cancer patients are frequently exhausted financially and physically due to the effects of their disease and/ or their treatment and multiple appointments. On-Demand options can be effective and convenient during these times.  
3Accessible for patients to perform at home while recovering from treatment or, for patients unable to drive to an appointment.     
4. Saves Time for patients to fit restorative movement videos into their busy lives, promoting faster progress on their recovery without needing to leave home. 
 5. Helps short staffed and overworked healthcare providers to work with other acute patients

About Starr Carson Cleary, B.S, BCES, MFT

Starr Carson Cleary is a graduate from The National Cancer Training Institute (CETI)  a National Academy of Sports Medicine approved certifying body for advanced certification for Master Fitness Trainers and Medical Professionals to work with breast cancer patients and survivors. Starr has with worked with Oncologists, Surgeons and Breast Health Nurse Navigators as since 2009. The BCRFM Referral program has helped thousands of breast cancer participants to build strength before and after treatment to perform necessary daily activities efficiently to enjoy a better quality of life.

Educational Background: Kinesiology, Breast Cancer Exercise Specialist, and Bose Ball Trainer, Master Fitness Functional Movement Trainer (American Muscle and Fitness), Empowerment through Movement” Motivational Speaker for Cancer Survivors. Author of “A Woman’s Guide...30 Days to A Better, Mind, Body and Spirit", Restorative Pilates for Cancer Survivors, and "Starr Power Pilates" (DVD) fitness columnist and Founder of Body Motions by Design Restorative Movement & Wellness Programs.

"Ten plus years ago I changed careers from a Corporate Wellness Consultant to providing motivational "Empowerment through Restorative Movement Programs" for Oncology Breast Cancer Patient Complimentary Therapy Programs. I changed careers and found a calling to facilitate prehabilitation and post-treatment clinical programs for breast cancer patients.


I dedicate the Restorative Functional Movement Exercises Program for Breast Cancer Patients to all of the courageous women, who have chosen to battle the disease with “will” determination and hope after being diagnosed with cancer. To the newly diagnosed and post-treatment cancer breast cancer patients whose lives I have had the opportunity to impact with my restorative functional movement programs, you enrich my life more and more every year. To the dedicated medical colleagues; oncologists, nurse navigators, cancer treatment teams and community outreach coordinators who continue to provide quality healthcare to breast cancer patients “from diagnosis to after care survivorship assistance.