Breast Cancer Pre-Treatment -Post-Treatment Restorative Movement Programs from "Diagnosis to Survivorship"

Breast Cancer Restorative Functional Movement

A Healthcare Provider Referral Program for Doctors, Nurse Navigators
& Breast Cancer Patients - Evidence Based On Demand
Strength, Flexibility, Endurance and Balance Exercises for "Every Phase of Recovery"

Approximately 1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in her lifetime
- American Cancer Society

Pre-habilitation and Post-Treatment Restorative Functional Movement Exercise Coaching for Breast Cancer Patients...
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BCRFM is suitable for women who have had Surgery, Chemotherapy and Radiation Treatments Etc.

“Rehabilitation for breast cancer includes three parts: preoperative, peri-operative and postoperative parts.
The main kinds of exercise include strength, flexibility and aerobic training. An important element of comprehensive rehabilitation is focusing on the increase
in the range of movement in the shoulder on the affected side.” -National Library of Medicine

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Exercises from Diagnosis -Survivorship


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Featured On-Demand Restorative Movement Program Video Offerings:

for every phase of Recovery "from Diagnosis to Survivorship"

- Pre-Habilitation Upper Quadrant Strength

- Post Drain Removal Exercises
- Lymphatic Drainage Opening Exercises
- Flexibility (ROM) Training
- Strength Training
-Cardio/Endurance exercises

Demand Pre-habilitation Exercise Videos

Upper body quadrant exercise program to recondition essential areas, prior to treatment: strength and flexibility exercises: standing rows, shoulder external rotation, front arm/ lateral raise, bicep curls, triceps extensions, wall push-ups and chest presses, core strength training.

On-Demand Post-Treatment exercise Videos

Slow controlled movements, diaphragmatic breathing exercises to promote lymphatic flow. Focus on-Upper body slow controlled stretching movements (1-2 lbs. weights) to help prevent stiffness and loss of flexibility. Posture exercises standing or seating. Progressive strength, flexibility, balance, endurance and core strength exercise videos, using body weight, resistance bands/tubing, weights, stability balls etc.

Monthly Workshops

- Pre-Treatment - Post-Treatment Essential Functional Movement
- Proper Exercise Accessories Usage
- Restorative Pilates for Breast Cancer Warriors
- Yoga, Meditation/Body Awareness
- Lymphedema Drainage Opening Exercises 
-The “New Normal” Breast Cancer Body Exercises
- Lymphedema drainage opening exercises (Prevention)



I have worked with Oncologists, Nurse Navigators and Surgeons, facilitating cancer Pre-habilitation and Post-treatment programs since 2009. The Breast Cancer Restorative Functional Movement Exercise Program On-Demand video project became a reality in 2020 during the global CV-19 pandemic because venerable breast cancer patients around the globe suddenly found themselves isolated (some alone) with minimal rehabilitation post-treatment support.

The comprehensive evidenced based Breast Cancer Pre-habilitation and Post-Treatment Restorative Functional Movement On-demand Program provides options for Breast Cancer Healthcare Providers, Caregivers and  breast cancer patients through survivorship.

I look forward to providing a variety of on-demand videos from Pre-habilitation through Survivorship

Starr Carson Cleary B.S, BCES, MFT


Starr’s program has been a wonderful start to a journey, Starr is wonderful at putting people at ease and explaining the exercises. I think we were all a little scared when we started, but now I am ready to forge ahead to new exercise activities based on my success with Starr.


OMG - I’m a double mastectomy patient who was afraid to stand erect 3 months after my surgery for fear of tearing my skin over the chest area. I had a frozen shoulder in both shoulders and was not motivated to do the required exercises as frequently as I should the first 2 months after surgery. This program is everything I was hoping for. Within the first 6 weeks of engaging in breast cancer exercise restorative movement program, I gained 50% of my range of motion in both shoulders, so I registered again as soon as there was time on her calendar. Great program!


This is a phenomenal program for breast cancer patients to do in their homes during their recovery. Starr’s patients and colleagues have asked her to create an online program for newly diagnosed patients as well as the successful post-treatment programs, so many women have enjoyed. Starr…You are the best.

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